Ten Year Anniversary of the Euangelion Blog

Exactly ten years ago today I began the blog Euangelion as a type of open note book to post my thoughts about biblical studies, theology, and the Christian faith.

We’ve had well over a million hits, thousands of blog posts, and oodles of comments. There’s been some changes along the way, I finished my Ph.D; taught at HTC, BST, and Ridley College; I wrote a few books;  we’ve mode from Blogger.com to Patheos in 2011; and Joel Willitts has joined the team and made his own contribution.

Here is the first blog post I began with!

To Blog or not to Blog?

 Let us commence with a definition:
‘Blogging’. From the Greek word blogoō meaning to publish highly opinionated and sometimes dubious information. The publishing of information in electronic media by some twit with an opinion and a computer.Why blog? Well, I fit the definition. But there are other reasons too:1. Peer pressure. Everyone else is doing it.
2. Therapy. It is good for one’s mental fitness and sanity to muse aloud (or on-line) in order to clarify and mull over one’s own thoughts.
3. Publish. It is a good resource for friends, students, and net-surfers who may actually learn something, be encouraged or be challenged by something that you have to say.
4. Philosophical. If I may butcher the words of Descartes: “I blog . . . therefore, I am!” Blogging gives us a new existence in cyberspace, a voice in the electronic wilderness, and a light to shine in the darkness of ignorance which we would not otherwise have.
5. Doxological. I intend to blog unto the glory of God.
Blogging has made my scholarship, writing, and commentary available to a wider audience that I could not have imagined. I’ve made so many friends, even more enemies, and had a bucket load of fun in the process.
But I want to know: What is your favourite post from Euangelion? FYI, my favourite posts are my annual send-ups about ETS/IBR/SBL! But tell me friends, what has this blog done to most inform you, entertain you, or inspire you!
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