On-line N.T. Wright Courses on Galatians, Gospel, and PFG

David Seemuth of the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study has developed N.T. Wright Online where folks can, relatively inexpensively, do a number of on-line not-for-credit courses with N.T. Wright on topics like Galatians, Simply Good News, Worldviews and the Bible, and Philippians, with Romans and Paul and the Faithfulness of God set to come in the future.

The courses are hosted by Udemy and so far have gotten very good enrollments.

For readers of Euangelion, there is a special deal, whereby you get a whopping 71% discount available to the end of January 2016.

For more information, go here.

Note, I don’t get a slice or kickbacks from this, but I’m happy to get a discount for Euangelion readers who want to take a non-for-credit course with N.T. Wright on-line.

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