The Greer-Heard Debate on Jesus’ Divinity with Bart Ehrman and Mike Bird

Below is a video of the Greer-Heard forum on “How did Jesus become God?” with discussions between Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird, featuring also Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, Dale Martin, and Jennifer Knust.

It was an awesome time. Ehrman sketched out his general view, I did a critique about the earliest christology being adoptionist, Hurtado set forth his case about early Christ-devotion, Gathercole covered ancient Jewish monotheism and NT Christology, Martin spoke about the resurrection, theology, and historiography, and Knust discussed historiography and faith.

Several points of disagreement do appear, but it was far from an adversarial affair.

As for highlights, I thought Ehrman was forthright and clear, Knust found some common ground between Ehrman and I on the historical Jesus and messianism, and Martin was particularly moving in his account of resurrection faith. Gathercole gave a crisp and lucid account on early christology. Hurtado was brilliant on discussing angel veneration and its relationship to worship. Also the Q&A at the end was great.

I’m grateful to my fellow presenters for a wonderful discussion on early christology and especially to NOBTS for putting it on and treating us with great hospitality (esp. Dr. Bob Stewart and his minions).

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