Bruce Ware’s Clarification on EFS/ERAS and Nicene Orthodoxy

Over at Secundum Scripturas, Bruce Ware has a post on Knowing the Self-Revealed God Who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I think this is a good and helpful post, it might assuage some objections, and it shows that Ware is definitely attempting to demonstrate the parity of EFS/ERAS with Nicene Trinitarianism. I’m glad this was posted, I think it moves the conversation forward in a helpful way.

As I read over it, my questions are:

1. Does Ware’s affirmation of eternal generation have too many caveats?

2. Is Ware’s explanation of two-will’s or “two inflections within the one divine will” convincing and commensurable with orthodox views of the Son’s divine hypostasis?

3. While the Father’s “hypostatically distinct paternal authority” and the Son’s “hypostatically distinct filial submission” is a valid way to distinguish the divine persons, how does it avoid the trap of implying a hierarchy within the Trinity? Do the Father and Son still share the one and the same “power, majesty, authority, and glory”?

What do the Trinitarian specialists have to say?

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