Wesley Hill on a Pastoral Response to Same Sex Attraction

Wesley Hill is Assistant Professor of NT at Trinity School for Ministry in Pittsburgh. In addition to being a brilliant young NT scholar, he also writes on issues related to same-sex attraction, singleness, and spirituality.

Ridley College has been fortunate to be able to host Wes for two weeks and during that time he has given a number of amazing talks. The audio and some video of these talks is available here. They are probably the best presentations I’ve ever heard on the subject of a pastoral response to same-sex attraction. The talks are biblical, compassionate, and very compelling. Wes shares not only from the Bible but also from his own experience as a same-sex attracted Christian man.

The talks include:

Washed and Waiting: The Church and Same-Sex Attraction (Video)

The Bible and Same-Sex Attraction (Audio)

The Lost Art of Friendship and Singleness (Audio)

You Hide Your Face (Audio)

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