Latest Issue of Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters (2016)

The latest issue of JSPL 6.1 (2016) includes some great articles:

John K. Goodrich
Until the Fullness of the Gentiles Comes In: A Critical Review of Recent Scholarship on the Salvation of “All Israel” (Romans 11:26).

Charles Lee Irons
The Object of the Law is Realized in Christ: Romans 10:4 and Paul’s Justification Teaching

Jeffrey W. Aernie
Tablets of Fleshly Hearts: Paul and Ezekiel in Concert

Timothy A. Brookins
Paul and the Ancient Body Metaphor: Reassessing Parallels

Benjamin L. White and Alexander D. Batson
Paul’s Collections through the Saints: Romans 15:31 in Papyrus 46

Moyer V. Hubbard
Enemy Love in Paul: Probing the Engberg-Pedersen and Thorsteinsson Thesis

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