N.T. Wright and Oliver Crisp Caption Contest

In the photo is N.T. Wright (NT scholar, St. Andrews) and Oliver Crisp (Theologian, Fuller Seminary), this so calls out for a caption!

Here’s my captions:

“Analytic Theology sounds like a baby made by Charles Hodge and A.J. Ayer. Olly, seriously bro, do you even exegesis?”

“No offense Oliver, but you are fruitier than that banana in front of you!”

“Oliver my boy, imagine if you can, a world where people don’t actually care about the difference between enhypostasis and anhypostasis, because that is where most people live.”

“Listen to me Oliver, with your looks and accent, you could be the next James Bond!”

"I’m supposing your’re aware that you’re showing a copy of Tyndale Revelation by Leon Morris."

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