The Most Truly “International” Commentary Series in the World

There are many commentary series that claim to be “international,” but the one series that is the most international and the most ethnically diverse is the New Covenant Commentary Series edited by Craig Keener (American) and myself (red-headed Aussie who self-identifies as an Anglo-Ranga).

The three most recent volumes in the series are Andrew Mbuvi (from Kenya in Africa) on 2 Peter and Jude, Kim Huat Tan (Singapore) on the Gospel of Mark, and Nijay Gupta (Indian American) on 1-2 Thessalonians – and Nijay’s is the best volume in the series thus far if you ask me.

Forthcoming and imminent, we have two Korean scholars in Yongmo Cho and Hyung Dae Park writing on Acts, the brilliant Chinese-American scholar Diane Chen writing on Luke, plus African-American and southern baptist Paul guru Jarvis Williams finishing up Galatians.

Plus our token white guys are Gordon Fee (Revelation), Craig Keener (Romans), and Mike Bird (Colossians, Philemon). Not bad for back-up singers!

For more, go to the NCCS home page at Wipf & Stock or else order through Logos.


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