John Coulson – The Righteous Judgment of God

Just out is a book by my friend and former colleague John R. Coulson on The Righteous Judgment of God: Aspects of Judgment in Paul’s Letters (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2016), for which I was honored to have written the foreword.

Coulson does an admirable job of looking at all the (in)famous judgment texts in Paul and always comes to sound conclusions. A learned student for anyone interested in Pauline eschatology

See also his recent article: John R. Coulson, “Jesus and the Spirit in Paul’s Theology: The Earthly Jesus,” CBQ 79.1 (2017): 77-96. A nice piece which suggests that Paul does not have a Spirit-Christology as much as conceive of the Spirit in relation to Jesus in a much more trinitarian framework.

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