Latest Issue of Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

Here is the TOC of JSHJ 15.1 (2017):

Andrew Nicolotti
The Scourge of Jesus and the Roman Scourge: Historical and Archaeological Evidence

Jordan J. Ryan
The Historian’s Craft and the Future of Historical Jesus Research: Engaging Brant Pitre’s Jesus and the Last Supper as a Work of History

Alan Kirk
Ehrman, Bauckham and Bird on Memory and the Jesus Tradition

Jeffrey B. Gibson
John the Baptist and the Origin of the Lord’s Prayer

Klyne Snodgrass
Are the Parables Still the Bedrock of the Jesus Tradition?

Christopher B. Zeichmann
Capernaum: A ‘Hub’ for the Historical Jesus or the Markan Evangelist?

""Feminists and homosexuals and tree-huggers". Wow. Some Christian you are."

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