The Bible and Autism – Beginning a Conversation

If you are involved in ministry or know anyone in your church with autism, drop what you are doing, and take the time to watch this terrific video by Prof Grant Macaskill (Aberdeen Uni) on “The Bible and Autism.” You’ll learn about how autism, how the Bible speaks to it (via 1-2 Corinthians), and some ways we can be sensitive to autistic people and minister to people and families with autism.

My favourite quote: “We can’t judge people, we can’t ascribe worth or value to people in the church according to their social capital, but have to treat them with the honor we would give to any gift we have received from God.” (#27:35).

We need to do more teaching about autism in the church, not just to those in ministry, but to give everyone in the church a birds-eye view of what autism is, how we can create autism friendly-churches, and how we can disciple people with autism and encourage them into ministry. Lectures like this one are a great place to start.

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