How to Be Trinitarian

I don’t always give advice on how to be Trinitarian, but when I do, I tell folks to read and heed the Athanasian creed, and don’t interfere with all things Nicea. Legislate theological rights for divine persons who identify as homoousios. Put a copy of Andrew Rublev’s icon The Trinity in your study! Name your sons Tertullian, name yours daughters Melania, and call your dogs Arius and your cats Socinius. Start a campaign to rename Oregon as “Origen,” but with better Logos Christology. Pray Trinitarian prayers every morning. When it comes to articulating the Trinity around those who deny it, mess with it, or under-sell it, be as pugnacious as Athanasius, keep it theologically kosher like a boss from Cappadocia. Make every Sunday a Trinity Sunday. Remember, friends don’t let friends do eternal functional subordination or social trinitarianism. Tell Congress to make the Trinity great again. Youth leaders who bring out three leaf clovers should be sentenced to reading Augustine’s The Trinity … in Latin. Keep orthodoxy alive, preach the Son’s full divinity likes it is 325. Build up your brothers and sisters in the most holy Trinitarian faith. Above all, stay orthodox my friends, fads come and go, but orthodoxy is like granite, it stands the test of time.

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