Ben Myers on the Apostles’ Creed

Ben Myers on the Apostles’ Creed June 19, 2018

Nearly every theologian has their own book on the Apostles’ Creed. I have one (What Christians Ought To Believe), so does Barth, Pannenberg, McGrath, and Horton too. And now Ben Myers also has one, except, well, his is quite good.

Ben’s book is beautifully presented by Lexham Press, it’s a small and neat hardback, wonderfully designed cover and interior.

This book is a mixture of theological exposition and devotional reflection. The chapters are just the right length to give you the sum of what you need to know, but it certainly does not bog down in details, very succinct. In fact, I’d recommend it as a gift for new believers or for a baptism present.

Great mix too of scriptural exposition, quotes from the church fathers, and poignant reflections.

In sum, you really should get this book!

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