What is NOT the Mission of the Church? 7

In this post on Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert’s book I want to reflect on chapter 8, “Seeking Shalom: Understanding the New Heavens and the New Earth”. While I don’t think I’d come out much different from them in conclusion—they advocate a “faithful presence” a la James Davidson Hunter, I think there are at least [Read More...]

What is NOT the Mission of the Church? 6


In this post, I want to commend Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert’s two chapters on Social Justice: “Making Sense of Social Justice: Exposition” (6) and “Making Sense of Social Justice: Application” (7) in their book What’s the Mission of the Church?. These chapters usefully center of a pendulum that has swung far in one direction [Read More...]

Sabbatical Messianism


In reading Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert’s discussion of the Jubilee year from Leviticus 25, it reminded me of something I discovered while working on my Ph.D. thesis. In studying the concept of “messianism”, I came across the idea of “Sabbatical Messianism” (you probably never heard of this, I hadn’t at the time). [Read more...]

Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert Begin to Answer Reviewers

deyoung & gilbert

I was pleased to notice today that Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert are beginning to answer questions about their book over at Kevin’s blog. Here’s the opening paragraph from their post: On Tuesday, Trevin Wax put forth “five nagging questions” about our book What Is the Mission of the Church? Greg and I both know [Read More...]

Tom Wright at Willow Creek and Moody Bible Institute

This weekend Tom Wright was the guest teacher at Willow Creek Community Church. Tom is on a book tour for his new book Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters. Tomorrow he’ll be speaking at an event at Moody Bible Institute. I heard it was an [Read More...]

So what does “kingdom of God” mean?

This brief series of posts is not so much a direct critique of DeYoung and Gilbert’s argument in their chapter on the kingdom of God in What’s the Mission of the Church?. While it is the starting point, this post is my attempt to sketch how I define the kingdom. My definition of the kingdom, [Read More...]

Matthew Lee Anderson on Social Justice and the Mohler/Wallis Debate

Last week Al Mohler (Southern Seminary) and Jim Wallis (Sojourners) debated whether social justice is an essential part of the church’s mission. This of course is relevant to the discussion DeYoung and Gilbert’s book. Matthew Lee Anderson was present and wrote a review of the debate on the Gospel Coalition blog. In this excerpt, at [Read More...]

What is NOT the Mission of the Church? 5

I’ve been writing a series of posts critically engaging Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert’s new book on the mission of the church: What is the Mission of the Church?. I too am very concerned that we get this right. I have the unique privilege of being both a professor of New Testament at North Park [Read More...]