A “New Perspective” on the Gospel, the King Jesus Gospel 1

My very good friend and colleague Scot McKnight, recently hailed my no less than Tom Wright as “one of the most powerful and able New Testament scholars on the American scene–and, in a measure, on the world scene”, is about to drop an atomic bomb in the middle of the already besieged city of American [Read More...]

To Change the World 4

James Hunter in his book To Change the World addresses the “real problem” with the prevailing view of culture behind the tactics of Christian efforts of every stripe to change the world. In his analysis the problem is a combination of German idealism, individualism and Christian pietism. The idealistic nature of the view is to [Read More...]

To Change the World 3

James Hunter contents the approach taken to cultural change by Christians of every stripe is ultimately ineffective because it is based on a faulty view of culture. In his book To Change the World, he argues that the common view of culture is that culture is created as humans live out their ideas and values. [Read More...]

Chabad-Lubavitch and the Seven Noahide Laws

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of touring the wonderful city of Prague. I visited the Jewish Quarter of the Old City which Rick Steves, the guru of European travel, says is “the most interesting collection of Jewish sights in Europe”. While strolling the neighborhood I happened upon a couple of Jewish [Read More...]

Tim Gombis and U2 Songs

Tim Gombis, a good friend of mine, has a fairly new blog called Faith Improvised. It’s currently my favorite blog to follow. A couple of times now he’s reflected theologically on a U2 song, which is awesome! Recently he wrote a post on one my my favs “Grace” titled “Grace and the Dynamics of Resurrection”. [Read More...]

Jeff Cook on Erasing Hell

You should  check out the very interesting posts by Jeff Cook on Erasing Hell if you haven’t already over at Jesus Creed. The last one is here with currently 128 comments. In this post, Jeff critiques the hermeneutic which lies behind the main question of the book: Are we willing to submit our reason and [Read More...]

The traditional doctrine of hell is both immoral & unintelligible

I’m doing a series on hell in my college ministry called “Hell No, Hell Yes?” and will be giving a short lecture on hell to our 30 plus ministry staff at church. So hell is something I continue to reflect on a fresh. I’ve begun to read a fascinating book on hell (Scot McKnight recommended [Read More...]

What’s your busiest time of year?

This fall is the second since I began working in church ministry again as the College Pastor at Christ Community Church. In some ways I’m still getting used to the rhythm of a bio-vocational career of academy and church. I can say with a good bit of certainty that the late summer/early fall is the [Read More...]