Writing Style 9

“Elegance” would not be the first word that would come to anyone’s mind that read my writing style. If I were to evaluate my own perception of my writing, I would say I’m as elegant as Fred Flintstone. Elegance is the subject of Lesson 9 in Williams and Colomb’s useful book on writing style Style: [Read More…]

Troubling News about Incoming College Freshman

The Chicago Sun-Times’ front page story this morning is troubling to those of us who will be welcoming a new class of college freshman into our lecture halls in the next couple of weeks. Three-quarters of them are not ready for university studies! More than three-quarters of Illinois high school graduates aren’t completely ready for [Read More…]

Portraits of Dietrich Bonhoeffer – Metaxas and Schlingensiepen

While traveling to and from the Czech Republic, I completed Schlingensiepen’s biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1906-1945: Martyr, Thinker, Man of Resistance. This is the second of two really good biographies I’ve read on Bonhoeffer this year. The first is the much enjoyed, and maligned, biography by Eric Metaxas Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. [Read More…]

How’s this for two days . . . Prague & Yankee Stadium, NYC

In the last two days, I’ve been in Prague, London and New York City. Not something you do often. On August 8th, on our last day in the Czech Republic, I spent an amazing day in city of Prague. I was particularly interested in sites related to Jan Hus. I’ve been a bit infatuated with [Read More…]

Still in Czech – Czech Believers are so Hungry for Teaching

I’ve just completed an English Camp with a team of over 20 from our church. There was a total of 60 plus Czech folks who joined us for us for the camp that began Monday and ended last night. I want to mention one of the most exciting elements of the week for me. Each [Read More…]

Czech Republic Mission Trip

This week I’m heading to the Czech Republic with my College Ministry at CCC for a couple weeks of ministry among 20 somethings. The ministry is an English camp that we’re helping to lead with a church in the city of Pisek just outside of Prague. I bring this to your attention for two reasons. [Read More…]

Barth and Israel

I’ve become interested in Karl Barth’s view of Israel and the Jewish question. Most know Barth is considered the greatest Protestant theologian since Calvin. He lived through the Nazi era and was part of the Confessing Church which stood against Hitler and the Nazis. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was highly influenced by Barth’s theology–introduced to it when [Read More…]

Michael Wyschogrod on the Land of Israel

I read this passage by Jewish philosopher-theologian  Michael Wyschogrod years ago and recently bumped into it again. You can find it in his essay on “Judaism and the Land” in the book Abraham’s Promise. His conclusion is eloquent in both its caution and confident faith: In our time, the people of Israel has returned to [Read More…]