Best Statue in Turkey

What do you think is a good name for this statue? It sets in front of the museum in Aphrodisias Turkey. Photo by: Anne Heaps [Read more...]

Love Wins 7.2

This is the second part of a two-part post on Rob Bell’s fifth chapter (“Dying to Live”) in his book Love Wins. The chapter is about the meaning of Jesus death and resurrection. In the first part of the post I discussed the Atonement. In this post I want to address his discussion of the [Read More...]

Love Wins 7.1

Ok, so I’m back from hiatus working through Rob Bell’s book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. To be honest I feel like the whole thing is passé. As of now the book and the issues raised by it have been repeatedly commented on ad [Read More...]

God-fearers Inscription(s) from Aphrodisais

On our last day in Turkey, on Wednesday of this week, we visited the ancient site of Aphrodisias. The city does not appear in the New Testament but it is smack dab in the middle of the seven churches of Revelation and Paul’s cities. The picture above was taken in the restored majestic city gate [Read More...]

On Colossae

Colossae is one of the few New Testament sites in Turkey that has yet to be excavated. While there have been plans in the works to excavate the site for quite some time (notably  Dr. Michael Trainor of Flanders University in Australia), at this point no work has been undertaken. Currently its acropolis is a [Read More...]

There Are Two Timeless things . . .

. . . the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Messiah Paul preached . . . and middle school potty humor. These are the public toilets in Ephesus. [Read more...]

Value of a Study Tour in the Bible Lands? . . . Much in Every Way!

We are at the halfway point of our study tour, having yesterday wrapped up our touring in Greece. Today is a travel day and tomorrow we are taking a day to play on the island of Samos before we sail for Turkey. I think a reflection on its value is appropriate. [Read more...]

Out Take – Diolkos (outside Corinth)

[Read more...]