Taking Jesus’ Humanity Seriously

In order to refer to it more conveniently in a discussion I’ve been having on Scot McKnight’s blog, I’m reposting here an entry from my old blog about the humanity of Jesus and what it means to take it seriously. I begin by mentioning the very strong evidence that Jesus was mistaken about the nearness [Read More...]

What’s Wikipedia Worth?

There have been some recent discussions and disagreements between scholars in my field about the usefulness or otherwise of Wikipedia. Two recent articles (here and here) show what anyone would have expected – that those with vested interests actively engage in biased editing of its pages. This is no surprise, and anyone who doesn’t understand [Read More...]

The Bible – Rated R?

I thought I’d share another old post (below), in light of Hong Kong’s Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) issuing the following press release in May of this year: The Bible is a religious text which is part of civilisation. It has been passedon from generation to generation. TELA considers that such longstandingreligious texts or [Read More...]

Two posts on the Talpiot Tomb “Jesus” inscription

There are two posts (both on the same blog) about the inscription on an ossuary that allegedly is the name of Jesus son of Joseph. The most recent and directly relevant on this inscription, with photos, is here; the other is here. These will be of interest to anyone trying to continue to follow the [Read More...]

The plain sense of the Bible

In March of this year (when I first posted this), the student group VERITAS brought Terry Mortenson to campus to speak about evolution. I will not discuss the biological aspects of his presentation, but will leave that to biologists and other specialists. Mortenson was exposed as talking about things (such as the meaning of Hebrew [Read More...]

The WOW Signal

As the start of the semester approaches, I may find less time for blogging, and make shorter entries when I do. Today I wanted to make sure I shared Jerry Ehman’s account of the famous “Wow! signal”, one of the best candidates for a radio signal detected from outer space that is of intelligent, deliberate [Read More...]

LITERALLY Exploring Our Matrix?

When I chose the name for my blog, the Matrix films were still a hot topic for discussion. But because our context can be designated a ‘matrix’ in other senses as well, it seemed that it would be appropriate even in the longer term and from other perspectives. It seems, however, that there are some [Read More...]

Religion and Science Fiction

I watched Masters of Science Fiction on ABC for the first time this past weekend. Featuring not only Terry O’Quinn (who plays John Locke on LOST) but also the cigarette-smoking man as the U.S. president and narration by Stephen Hawking, I was quickly hooked. The episode that aired this past Saturday, “The Awakening”, was based [Read More...]

The Unicorn Museum

In a splendid parody of the “if it’s in the Bible, it must be true” viewpoint that lies behind such institutions as the Creation “Museum”, someone has created the Unicorn Museum. [Read more...]

Childlike Faith

It has often struck me that many people assume that “faith like that of a little child” is one that simply accepts what is said, without questioning. This interpretation assumes that the child in question is of a certain type and age. However, more common to our experiences of childhood (whether our own or that [Read More...]

Tasty Revelations With Cheese

It was just after midnight when the Flying Spaghetti Monster (parmesan and heapings of sauce be upon him) appeared to me in a dream (or I dreamed he appeared to me – who can tell the difference?). He said that if I went quickly to the kitchen and boiled pasta for 7 minutes until it [Read More...]