A Q Puncture?

Is there any evidence for Q that could puncture “the case against Q” which seems watertight to its proponents? Perhaps the Lord’s Prayer will answer the prayers of Q supporters everywhere. The Matthean version of the prayer is better known and longer. It is easy to envisage the author of Matthew adding these comments as [Read More...]

The Jesus Seminar and Civil Disobedience

I mentioned once before that I was surprised to find myself doubting the authenticity of a saying which the Jesus Seminar voted RED. I had always viewed their results as a fairly skeptical bare minimum. The issue relates to some material that is in both Matthew and Luke (and thus attributed by most scholars to [Read More...]

Welcome, Richard M! (Guest Post)

I’d like to welcome Richard M to the blog – and since he commented extensively on a discussion on the Debunking Christianity blog about something I wrote, and does not have his own blog, I am offering today’s “guest post” which compiles some of his recent comments. I hope you enjoy them as much as [Read More...]

A New Look (same old content)

I thought I’d try tinkering with the blog’s layout and appearance a little. With Matrix in the title, I thought maybe what you now see might be a bit more appropriate. Let me know if you have an opinion about it. I’m probably not done tinkering with it for good, so if you make a [Read More...]

Thanksgiving and Theodicy

Thanksgiving reduces the need for theodicy. I don’t mean the holiday that is celebrated in the United States today – although presumably one could attempt to formulate an argument for the existence of a supremely benevolent deity on the basis of turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. But those with scarcely enough to survive could legitimately [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (N. Katherine Hayles)

“the creator doesn’t always need to be as smart as his creatures” (N. Katherine Hayles, My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts (University of Chicago Press, 2005) p.196, referring to the ability of computer programs to come up with solutions to problems that had not occurred to the programs’ creators). I found [Read More...]

Shooting For All Ten

I recently accused proponents of intelligent design of serious violations of the moral principles their organizations claim to be fighting to uphold. Apparently someone noticed that I was unable to list all the commandments and has taken measures to rectify the matter. A number of blogs such as ERV, Pharyngula and Paralepsis are currently suggesting [Read More...]

New Biblical Studies Journal

THE ORTHODOX CENTER FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF BIBLICAL STUDIES (OCABS) is pleased to announce the launching of its new, on-line academic journal, The Journal of the Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies (JOCABS). The mission of JOCABS is to promote scholarship in biblical studies, homiletics, and religious education among Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox [Read More...]

Some Disenchanted Evening

Our ancestors viewed the world very differently than we do. This is not because they were crazy, deluded or primitive. It is because we are further along on the journey of learning and discovery than they were, and we have the advantage of standing on their shoulders. They experienced the Earth as static and unmoving. [Read More...]

The True Spirit of [CENSORED]mas

I just had to share this gem from Qalmlea’s blog. [Read more...]

Life, the Universe and a U2 Song

What sort of universe do we live in? We live in a universe that has U2. And I don’t think there will ever be a universal explanation in terms of the laws of physics that allows one to account for the existence of this band. It is a combination of law and chance, which if [Read More...]