Question for Denyse O’Leary, Phillip Johnson and Casey Luskin

I just posted this comment on one of Denyse O’Leary’s blogs, where, instead of providing her own usual antiscientific tirade, she reproduced one in the form of a dialogue between Phillip Johnson and Casey Luskin. The claim that was being made was that those who say evolution and faith are compatible are falling for a [Read More...]

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

“Mommy why do they say it is science when they haven’t done any testing yet? They should test their ideas first” (9 year old homeschooled child in a Christian family, reacting to the claims of proponents of Intelligent Design as depicted in the NOVA documentary “Judgment Day”). I just had to share this second ‘quote [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (N.B.)

“I wonder what Mr. Rogers, Elmo, and the Teletubbies have to say about PBS’s leftist atheist agenda?” (N.B., an anonymous blogger) I’ve been made aware of a new blog belonging to a pharmacy student, and he had this great quote in response to the Discovery Institute’s accusation that PBS had “turned to the usual suspects” [Read More...]

Reactions to Judgment Day: Some Cdesign Proponentsists Quiet, Others Whining

The National Center for Science Education has issued a press release affirming the accuracy of last night’s NOVA documentary “Judgment Day” about the Dover intelligent design trial. I notice that over at Uncommon Descent they are not mentioning it. Presumably they are keeping quiet and hoping it will be forgotten. Presumably if anyone does try [Read More...]

Transitional Forms as Evidence for Evolution: Tiktaalik and cdesign proponentsists

I just finished watching tonight’s episode of NOVA, “Judgment Day”, about the Dover intelligent design trial. What I liked best about it was the way it highlighted the predictive power of evolutionary theory, something often denied by creationists of various sorts. When we hear about the discovery of a transitional form or ‘missing link’ like [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Masahiro Mori)

“I believe robots have the buddha-nature within them – that is, the potential for attaining buddhahood” (Masahiro Mori, The Buddha in the Robot (Tokyo: Kosei Publishing Co., 1981) p.13) [Read more...]

A Blogmentary On Romans

I don’t know if it is a good idea to announce one’s plans before one is really able to tackle them, but I’ve decided to take the risk. For some time I’ve had thoughts about Paul’s letter to the Romans that I’ve wanted to blog about at some length, and occasionally I’ve touched on some [Read More...]

Judgment Day

Presumably most readers of this blog will already be aware of this, but tonight on PBS there will be a show about Intelligent Design entitled “Judgment Day”. I’m sharing a copy of the press release in pdf format for those interested. Over the past two days we’ve had John Hart visiting with us from Boston [Read More...]

Sterling Who’s Who Update

I am posting this to update readers of this blog on the status of my complaint about Sterling Who’s Who. They have refunded my money, and so I consider the matter closed and have no outstanding or unresolved complaint against the company. They did at one point threaten to sue me for defamation of character [Read More...]

The Twelve Q-less Days Of Christmas

This is to be sung to the tune of the Twelve Days Of Christmas. All the words fit, provided you sing them fast enough. The next step is for all Bibliobloggers to send me a video of themselves singing the song, and we can put together our first Bibliobloggers YouTube Christmas video… The Twelve Q-less [Read More...]

Synoptic Meme

My post on Q and the follow up post have sparked several responses (at NT Gateway, Dilettante Exegete and Metacatholic, to name a few). One’s view on this, of course, is a paradigm and thus one particular piece of evidence, on its own, is unlikely to result in an immediate paradigm shift. Nevertheless, perhaps it [Read More...]