Breaking News: FTK Admits He Is Really Christopher Hitchens

FTK (or “For The Kids“) is the name of a blogger who engages in antiscientific tirades using unchristian rhetoric allegedly for the benefit of Christ and her own children.

In a top secret memo leaked today, anonymous blogger FTK has acknowledged being none other than atheist author Chris Hitchens.

Dear Prof. McGrath,

Okay, I admit it. I’m really Christopher Hitchens. To be honest this was a joke that went too far. I didn’t think anyone would actually believe I was a Christian opposing evolution, what with my unchristian rants, lack of willingness to listen to anyone who actually knew something about the subject, and radical departure from the historic Christian faith. I can’t believe it has taken so long for the truth to be told. Apparently far fewer people understand what Christianity is about and what Christian behavior involves than even I would have guessed.


Christopher Hitchens (aka For The Kids)

P.S. Please don’t tell anyone.

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  • Ian

    What? Really? Or is this a joke?

  • James F. McGrath

    Breaking News: ClarificationApparently this is a different blogger known as FTK (in this case it stands for “For The Kooks”) and the Christopher Hitchens in question is a less famous atheist, who disbelieves in a different god than the other Christopher Hitchens, and For The Kooks promotes a different sort of creationist pseudoscience than For The Kids, and believes in a different religion called Christianity than For The Kids does. Hope that clarifies things – sorry for any confusion! Apparently the breaking news got garbled in cyberspace… :-) Further discussion here

  • Drew Tatusko

    And this would still yet be different from For The Klumps which promotes gluttony during the holidays (you’ll walk over and limp back!) :-)

  • Anonymous

    What? Really? Or is this a joke?Some people are not only clueless, but ignore the ones shoved in their faces. Even if the utter implausibility weren’t enough, “P.S. Please don’t tell anyone.” was a sure giveaway.