Random Acts of Silliness (and Sorrow)

Some of you may have noticed that from time to time I turn words here and there throughout a post into links to all sorts of silly pages around the web. Earlier today, in doing that, I unintentionally gave the impression that I was connecting that page with someone I was disagreeing with. I apologize for that, and will be more careful about such links in the future – it was added by going back through the post and finding an apparently suitable word to stick the link on, without thinking about how it might be interpreted in context.

Hopefully I can console myself with the knowledge that, of the few people who may have actually read the post in that form, few of you will have bothered to click on such random links!

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Making the Canon Game
Ancient Awwwwwiens
What I Tell My Students: #AARSBL15 Mentoring Luncheon