DaveScot’s Unsolved Murder

Over at Uncommon Descent, DaveScot has given what must be an overwhelmingly satisfactory reply to the point I made about “Intelligent Design Criminology“, since all of the comments have been favorable and none critical. Oh that’s right, they just ban their critics. That must be the sort of stifling of opposing viewpoints this new movie [Read More...]

The Sally Kern Incident

As I had this awful stomach flu that’s been going around, I wasn’t able to check out the YouTube clips that many bloggers have shared over the past few days. It is just as well. I was already nauseous. The above clip of Oklahoma representative Sally Kern speaking about homosexuality is disturbing for a number [Read More...]

Plagiarism Tutorial

No, I don’t mean a tutorial to teach students how to plagiarize. They clearly seem to know that instinctively. I mean a tutorial to help students grasp, through specific examples and questions they have to answer, what plagiarism is. Butler University’s library has made just such a tutorial available online. I share it here in [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Jonathan Merritt)

“I learned that God reveals himself through Scripture and in general through his creation, and when we destroy God’s creation, it’s similar to ripping pages from the Bible” (Jonathan Merritt, spokesman for the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative, quoted in today’s New York Times). [Read more...]

Intelligent Design Criminology

The question to ask proponents of intelligent design is this: At what point the police should stop investigating an unsolved murder and close the case, declaring that God must have simply wanted the victim dead? It is the same point at which it is appropriate to tell scientists to stop looking for explanations and simply [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (The Gospel of Philip)

“A donkey turning a millstone did a hundred miles walking. When it was loosed, it found that it was still at the same place. There are men who make many journeys, but make no progress towards any destination” (The Gospel of Philip 56). [Read more...]

The OTHER Woman: LOST as Metaphysical Soap Opera

I didn’t watch much of the ‘enhanced’ version of “The Constant” (last week’s episode), but I did catch a glimpse of one important point: the name of the military base where Desmond was stationed is a real place north of the Arctic Circle, and it appears in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy as a [Read More...]

Reminding You That All Religions Were Once New

I’ve long wanted to paraphrase the slogan from Composers Datebook to apply it to another interest of mine: “Reminding you that all religions were once new” The original phrase is applied to music, and the point is that all the music we label “classical” today was once simply “music”. Classical is what has stood the [Read More...]

The Lord’s Prayer of the Lingering Tillichian

Charles Allen shared this with me, and presumably those who would appreciate it, and those who read this blog, are overlapping circles. Let us pray… The Lord’s Prayer of the Lingering Tillichian Ground of Being, No object among other objects,Aahhh.Be.In history as well as beyond history.Support our finite freedom,And sustain us when our dreaming innocenceBecomes [Read More...]

Divine Patrons and Capitalist Democracies

When a North American reads the description of the cultural values of the Greco-Roman social world into which Christianity was born, they get the sense that they are dealing with a world closer to The Sopranos than the ideals that the United States, for instance, tends to view favorably. The analogy is appropriate, since the [Read More...]

Thinking about God

Questions Unlimited (a campus organization I am involved in) hosted a lunchtime discussion entitled “More Than One Way to Look at God?: Why the God Who’s Not There Might Not Be God”. I was one of the panelists; another was Rev. Charles Allen, who has a website with interesting pieces he has written on various [Read More...]