The Lord’s Prayer of the Lingering Tillichian

Charles Allen shared this with me, and presumably those who would appreciate it, and those who read this blog, are overlapping circles. Let us pray…

The Lord’s Prayer of the Lingering Tillichian

Ground of Being, No object among other objects,
In history as well as beyond history.
Support our finite freedom,
And sustain us when our dreaming innocence
Becomes Zeitgebund.
For with you alone
Are autonomy
And heteronomy
Eternally theonomous.

The same prayer and others can also be found here.

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  • Quixie

    Very good. This made for a smiley morning meditation.Related to the previous blog-O-log:I remembered an essay by J.D. Crossan on Exclusivity, where I think he shows some insight into the “humanity”—the “mundanity”— of faith. I think anyone interested in that thread would enjoy it.peaceÓ