Help Wanted: National Center for Science Education seeks Communications Coordinator

The National Center for Science Education recently posted this job opening: Help wanted Communications Coordinator NCSE seeks a communications coordinator, who will be responsible for NCSE’s overall communications strategy, reporting to the executive director. Tasks include: Providing guidance for creation of journalist-oriented webpages; ensuring that web presence of NCSE is maximized for disseminating news and [Read More...]

LOST Nation of Islam?

I happened across information about the Nation of Islam’s mythology recently. It never struck me before that one part of its teachings at one point involved an island on which a renegade scientist named Yakub who creates an inferior race that comes to dominate the planet. Whenever I hear “island” and a version of the [Read More...]

What This Blog Is About

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31 Million Miles To Earth

Via New Scientist I found this great video clip of the earth as seen from 31 million miles away: [Read more...]

Let Jesus Contend with P. Z. Myers!

I have refrained from jumping into the discussions about the removal of a Eucharistic wafer (or “cracker“, if you prefer) from a church by another individual and then, in protest to the heated reactions from Catholics, once again by P. Z. Myers, outspoken atheist. Myers has received threats and various other sorts of hate mail. [Read More...]

Fundamentalism: Fundamentally Unbiblical

The title of this post says it all: Fundamentalism is fundamentally unbiblical. Now, before you ask, I obviously don’t mean that Christian fundamentalists do not quote the Bible in support of their views, beliefs and practices. They do. Of course, they consistently condemn others for “picking and choosing” and yet that is what they themselves [Read More...]

How (Not) To Speak of God

Peter Rollins’ book How (Not) To Speak of God (Brewster: Paraclete, 2006) gives voice to the phenomenon of the emergent church in remarkable ways. Rather than engaging in deductive and increasingly abstract reasoning in the tradition of classical theology, Rollins tells a multitude of parables, speaking at the intersection between the profoundly Biblical and the [Read More...]

Secured Hotmail?

Here’s the latest scam to make it past the spam filter and into my inbox. Note that this alleged executor who doesn’t know your name and doesn’t tell you who he represents wishes you to write to him at a “secure” e-mail address…which turns out to be a Hotmail address! You’d have to be pretty [Read More...]

The Serenity Prayer as Case Study of Oral Tradition

Stephen C. Carlson has recently posted a link to a blog post by Benjamin Zimmer of Language Log, discussing the evidence for the date and transmission of the famous “serenity prayer“, best known today (via widespread print dissemination) in this form: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to [Read More...]

License to Wed

I just finished watching an entertaining comedy, License to Wed, starring Robin Williams as a priest who requires couples planning to get married in his church to take his marriage preparation course. In essence, he puts stress on them beforehand, so that they learn how to deal with conflict and, more than that, to recognize [Read More...]

Discussing the Exodus

There is an interesting post (and the makings of a good follow-up discussion) about “Rabbis’ and Christians’ Views of the Exodus” over at the blog Debunking Christianity. Don’t let the name put you off – they are atheists, but they are really about debunking fundamentalism. I suspect that the diverse range of readers here might [Read More...]