As I’ve been finishing off the manuscript of my book on the burial of Jesus (which should be available from Booksurge in a few weeks if the process goes smoothly), I started thinking (as I often do) about LOST.

On LOST, Jack begins catching glimpses of his deceased father. Eventually he finds the empty casket. For a while, we wonder whether we are dealing with something “supernatural” or merely a combination of coincidences and hallucinations.

LOST clearly explores spiritual and religious themes. In this particular case, is LOST exploring the rise of faith in the resurrection? And if so, what more might it develop along these lines?

At any rate, seeing one’s deceased father, or a doctor who had died, is not the same as seeing someone that had been identified as the Messiah and connected with the transition from the present evil-dominated age to the Messianic era. The latter more naturally has a particular interpretative framework, while the possible significance of the former is less obvious.

Does anyone know what the chronology of the survivors on the island is? When Jack finds the casket in the episode “White Rabbit“, was it by any chance their third day on the island?

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