Nathan the LOST Prophet?

The character Nathan didn’t last long on LOST. But having pondered the possibility that the Bible is a key influence on and substructure of the plot of LOST, it is worth noting that Nathan in the Bible was a prophet. Could the introduction of the character of Nathan in fact have provided clues about the [Read More...]

Colleague’s CAPTCHA

I thought I’d take this opportunity both to congratulate my friend and colleague Gautam Rao on having some of his works chosen for display at the Athens (Georgia) Institute for Contemporary Art, and to share one of his works that has been honored, a painting entitled “Human Error”: Gautam says (in an article about this [Read More...]

LOST Book of the Law

In the episode “What Kate Did”, Mr. Eko makes reference to the “Book of Law” that was found by Josiah in the temple in Jerusalem. He then reveals that he found a book, a Bible, in which was hidden what turned out to be the missing parts of the Dharma Initiative orientation video for the [Read More...]

LOST Teddy Bear

One of the most striking images early in season 2 of LOST is when Mr. Eko and Jin hide from passing Others. As we see legs go by, all are barefoot, one has muddy bare legs, and one is carrying a teddy bear on a string. Soon after, we learn that a teddy bear was [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Daniel Radosh)

“If science is the search for answers, creationism is the elimination of questions“ (Daniel Radosh, Rapture Ready! (New York: Scribner, 2008) p.286). [Read more...]

LOST Whispers

I’ve now watched into season 2 of LOST, up to the first episode I ever saw, if I remember correctly: “The Other 48 Days”. One of the mysteries that becomes more prominent in this season, but has been there from early on, is the whispers. They seem to accompany the movement of the Others, but [Read More...]

Creationist Prophylactics

(From Gumby the Cat) [Read more...]

You Raise Me Up

Here’s my son (age 8) playing “You Raise Me Up” (Selah’s arrangement) on the violin, accompanied by me on the piano. The still image during the first 27 seconds is due to “technical difficulties” in that portion of the video, but the sound works throughout, and the video is fine from then on. [Read more...]

The Conference of Mark Goodacre’s Dreams

Cardiff University has announced the following: Whoniversal Appeal: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference on Doctor Who, and its Spin-Offs (14-15 November, 2008) Visit the official conference page for more details. (HT IO9) [Read more...]

Review of Stephen J. Nichols, Jesus Made in America

Review of Stephen J. Nichols, Jesus Made in America: A Cultural History from the Puritans to the Passion of the Christ (Downers Grove: IVP Academic [InterVarsity Press], 2008). Criticisms from outside are easily dismissed. Those who criticize us in this way, we can reassure ourselves, simply don’t like us, or they are fundamentally opposed to [Read More...]

Book Cover Photo

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my question about self publishing. If I go ahead with publishing in that format, I’d love to have a photo of a first century Jewish tomb or ossuary on the cover. Does anyone have any that they may have taken on a trip to Israel, and which they’d [Read More...]