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Jesus Creed reflects on apostasy from orthodoxy. Metacatholic points out a Christian reconstructionist web site about Palin.

Debunking Christianity has a game theory approach to Genesis 3. It is problematic, but also interesting, and certainly worth a look. For a rabbinic approach, check out the wonderfully-named Sefer Ha-Bloggadah.

As I wait for my book to become available, I’m glad that documentaries and blogs are keeping interest in the burial of Jesus alive.

Sandwalk asks whether science should speak to faith.

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    Hi prof. mcgrath,whats problematic about it? I’m looking for more coherent criticisms of it than I get from triablogue. Maybe you could stop by and point out the problems?and have you considered enabling email alerts for comments? I’d like to know when you reply and an email sure would be handy.