International “Use Your Turn Signal” Signal

There is a need for a way for drivers to draw attention to those who, through their failure to use their turn signal when driving, make the road a more dangerous and more stressful place. The current signal (a glaring angry look) appears not to serve as an effective means of communicating the point clearly, [Read More...]

Craig and Crossley on the Resurrection

Over on The Burial of Jesus blog, I’ve shared the debate between William Lane Craig and James Crossley about the resurrection of Jesus, which apparently took place back in 2007. A major reason for writing my book on the burial of Jesus is the relevance of that subject to how we view the traditions about [Read More...]

Standing in Abraham’s Shoes

N. T. Wrong shared this cartoon from YouTube about someone finding himself in the same situation as Abraham in the story in Genesis. What do you think of the advice his co-worker gives him? I also liked this cartoon that was shared at The Rev’s Rumbles. I’m not sure why exactly… [Read more...]

1 Corinthians 13 paraphrased for academics

If I speak in the languages of peoples living and dead, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have a PhD and can fathom all sorts of mysteries and significant amounts of knowledge, and if I have the common sense to know that “faith that can [Read More...]

King of the Nasoraeans

The Mandaean text Dmuth Kushta (“Image of Truth”) has only been published in booklet form by Majid Fandi al-Mubaraki in 2002, and isn’t even in the Drower collection. In it, there is a reference to a “king of the Nasoraeans”. This could be an important historical clue, perhaps comparable in value to the reference to [Read More...]

The Burial of Jesus: Now Available at Amazon!

Good news! My book The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith is now available for purchase at I do hope that some of my regular readers will read it, and will let me know what they think (whether here or at the blog I’ve created specifically for the book). But I’d be particularly grateful [Read More...]

Cleesing Determinism

Evolving Thoughts shared this wonderful clip under the heading “Cleesing the God Gene“: Elsewhere around the blogosphere, New Scientist has an article on the possibility that evolution may have preceded life. Undeception has an interesting post on “First Things and Last Things“. And Peter Rollins talks about our desire for a master we can dominate. [Read more...]

The Only True God: Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

My book The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context, forthcoming from University of Illinois Press in March of 2009, is now available for pre-order on A page has also been created for The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith and so I expect to be able to announce that it [Read More...]

Tell God No

What should you do if God tells you to sacrifice your child? Abraham (according to the story in Genesis) said “Yes Lord” and took Isaac up Mount Moriah. According to the story, he was interrupted before he could go through with it by a voice that said “Now I know that you fear God…” I [Read More...]

Author Proof

Today I received my proof copy of The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith. After soliciting some feedback on how the final version looks (I can’t be objective about this, obviously), I gave my approval for the book to become available for purchase. It should be available within a week or so. I’ll let you [Read More...]

Blogging Creationism: The Highlights

Having provided round-ups of my blogging on Intelligent Design and on LOST, I thought I’d follow up with a collection of my posts on creationism. There is some overlap with the subject of Intelligent Design, but enough distinction (and enough separate posts) to make it seem worth doing. I’ve put serious ones, and in particular [Read More...]