Carol Without Words

“Songs Without Words” are quite common in the classical repertoire. So why am I calling this piece I’m sharing a carol without words? Because it sounds Christmassy to me. And so I share it (in the last hour and a half before it becomes awkwardly late to do so any longer), and invite any who think it should have words to see what they can come up with. It is a midi file to keep it small, created using the software Finale. An actual recording (using a keyboard or piano to create an mp3) would have produced a file rather large and hard to upload from home.

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  • Meg

    It’s a lovely melody, has a nice feel to it, and all I can get is maybe a title?Child of Bethlehem. (Whether or not the child was really born in Bethlehem, or on December 25th, I don’t know, but I went with tradition).

  • David Ker