Mamma Mia

I just watched the movie Mamma Mia, and would basically say many of the same things about it as I did about the most recent Indiana Jones movie. So I’ll just point out the differences. Mamma Mia had soundtrack by Abba rather than John Williams, Greeks instead of Russians, and Remington Steele instead of Han [Read More...]

Scary Solstice

By accident (I was looking for Christmas music) I came across scary solstice music. Here’s a sample: I’m sharing this mainly because it is so odd that it is interesting, and I suspect it will appeal to at least some readers of this blog (that tiny contingent that recognizes Cthulhu when they see him). Why [Read More...]

The Fidelity of Christ

I was tempted to give this post a title something like “Nevertheless Even So Yet Again At Least Once More Pistis Christou”. But then I thought I might need that title for this post’s sequel. Since there are many readers of this blog whose background is not in Biblical studies, I should say by way [Read More...]

The Religious Case Against Belief

I just finished reading James P. Carse’s book The Religious Case Against Belief (New York: Penguin, 2008). Although there are occasional factual and other details one might quibble over, the major thesis of the book remains intriguing and provocative. In essence, the central thesis of the book is that there is a distinction that can [Read More...]

The Only True Flyer

I received a copy of the flyer for The Only True God in Adobe Acrobat format today. Feel free to pass on a copy to the acquisitions person at your university library. The book should be out in just a few months now… [Read more...]

Indiana Jones and the Interdimensional Archaeologists

I just finished watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On the one hand, the idea of extraterrestrials or interdimensional beings (or angels or deities, for that matter) having come to earth and brought the key elements of civilization and technology with them (whether making fire, irrigation, or velcro) faces a problem [Read More...]

Digital Commons, Selected Works

Butler University is working on adding Digital Commons (i.e. a central site for access to the research and publications of those at Butler) to its web presence. I’ve begun setting up a Selected Works page for myself. Have others used this type of web resource before? Have you found it useful? Any suggestions or feedback [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Catherine Heszer)

“Scholars of classical antiquity have argued that ancient literary composition was essentially an oral process based on one’s memory rather than on piles of written notes. What was composed orally was subsequently dictated to a scribe who was the actual writer of the text. Once the author had “published” his work by allowing its reproduction [Read More...]

Beautiful Beyond Words

Bad Astronomy has the top ten astronomy images for 2008. Number 4 is aptly described as “beautiful beyond words”: Be sure to go take a look at it at full resolution. [Read more...]

I Love Facebook

I have to say it, even though it may lose me some credibility in the eyes of older academics (although I suspect they already view me with disdain for blogging, so it probably won’t matter much, except to solidify their impression). I love Facebook. It has allowed me to reconnect with friends from childhood, from [Read More...]

Sacra Scripta

Given my Romanian connections, I had to share this (HT Mark Goodacre): Sacra Scriptathe new Romanian journal for Biblical Studies edited by the Centre for Biblical Studiesof Babes Bolyai Universität Cluj-NapocaChief editor: Stelian TofanaExecutive editor: Korinna ZamfirEditorial board: Gjörgy Benyik, Ioan Chirilla, Erik Eynikel, Marius Furtuna, Hans Klein, Lehel Lszai, Ulrich Luz, Sorin Martian, Janos [Read More...]