Latest (Last?) Dharma Special Access Videos

The 8th (and perhaps final?) Dharma Special Access videos have been posted. The first is a sneak peek at a Hurley-centric moment in the season premiere. The second is the “faces of LOST”, and I can’t help but feel that the backgrounds and settings in which the photos of the cast were taken are symbolic clues.

Cain the Drama Queen (YEC Version of Genesis 4)
Paul Must Have Been Angry
First Mandaean on Pluto
Science and Christianity in the U. S.
  • Brandon

    Access Denied

  • James F. McGrath

    The password is bharosa. Try entering it here.

  • Sam Norton

    This is not to do with Lost but with BSG – I’d be most grateful if you could avoid spoilers over the next few days – we can only watch the new episodes in the UK from the 20th, not tonight like you lucky lot.Cheers

  • James F. McGrath

    All I can promise is to warn if there are any, as in:[SPOILER ALERT] Sam Norton is the final cylon…:)

  • Sam Norton

    Ha! Most of the time I think it’s going to be Gaeta, but just recently I think it’ll be Caprica 6 – now wouldn’t that be a twist…