Gabriel McKee’s Evil Twin?

If you haven’t seen it already, Gabriel McKee has written a review, entitled “Wrong on Religion; Wrong on Science Fiction”, for Internet Review of Science Fiction. It is a review of a book by James Herrick that I’ve also reviewed (my review gets mentioned in McKee’s).

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  • Joshua

    This is unfortunate. I was thinking of buying this book but given your review and McKee’s review it doesn’t seem worth it.

  • James F. McGrath

    Unfortunate? We just saved you some money! :)I am trying to remember whether I read The Extraterrestrial Life Debate:1750-1900. I know I read a comparable book by Steven Dick, as well as one he edited called Many Worlds. It is a subject I’ve touched on before, and hope to actually include in a class I am planning on religion and science fiction, although the question is one that may not remain fictional forever, of course…