The Rocks (and Blogs) Cry Out

A while back I shared the first part of this video, showing why “flood geology” is bogus. Here’s part two, with more overwhelming scientific data coupled with enjoyable British sarcasm (HT AIG Busted): Open Parachute blogs about answering the big questions. 3quarksdaily has Philip Kitcher on religion after Darwin. See also Phil Plait on what’s [Read More...]

Blogging Adventures in the Spirit

Although there are all sorts of spiritual adventures that can involve blogging, I am referring here to Philip Clayton’s recent book Adventures in the Spirit: God, World, Divine Action (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2008), a copy of which Tripp Fuller kindly provided me with as part of the Transforming Theology Theo-Blogger Consortium. In the book’s prologue, Clayton [Read More...]

Dream Think Be Do

Thanks to Fred Anderson for making me aware of this great video clip introducing what Progressive Christianity is all about. [Read more...]

Kerala’s Christians and their Manuscripts

There’s an interesting video on the PBS web site about the Thomas Christians of South India and present-day projects to rediscover and preserve their manuscripts. [Read more...]

Inadvertent Pluralism Sunday School

I must admit I forgot that today was Pluralism Sunday until I read blogs after church. To my relief, my class today ended up speaking about precisely this topic. A thought that has come up in the series about “When Christians Disagree” time and again is that most of would agree that it is OK [Read More...]

Gavotte by Gossec

Here’s my son (accompanied by me on short notice) performing F. J. Gossec’s Gavotte at a recital this afternoon: [Read more...]

Around the Blogosphere (Biblical Studies Carnival Supplement)

I didn’t know what else to call this post, since there was so much in the blogosphere over the past couple of days, and it seemed worth mentioning. This post includes the most recent biblioblog activity, as well as stuff on other topics that the Bible (and thus supplemental in that way) and non-academic posts [Read More...]

Biblical Studies Carnival 41

The answer to life, the universe and everything is, as is well known, 42. And so this Biblical Studies Carnival falls a little bit short. But if you listen to Ottorino Respighi’s The Festivals of Rome while exploring it, it will all seem just fine. Is it a carnival? A festival? A circus? You, the [Read More...]