Good vs. Evil, Indignation vs. Indigestion

Imagine three situations that come up in real life: 1) You are made aware in the local news that lives were lost in a fire that could have been prevented if a recent safety inspection had been as thorough as it ought to have been. 2) You read on a blog about human trafficking in [Read More...]

LOST Entangled

Two blogs today revisited the television show LOST, including mention of some of its religious themes and overtones. Since I have (as always) been pondering its mysteries, I thought I would join in the conversation. The show has, from the very first episode, been gearing up to explore a mythology in which two sides are [Read More...]

Beholding His Glory (John 1:1-18): A Sermon

Beholding His GloryA sermon by James F. McGrathPreached at Crooked Creek Baptist Church, IndianapolisJune 7th 2009 The Gospel of John has been compared to a magic pool in which small children can wade up to their ankles, while at the same time large elephants can dive right into it. Its language is plain and familiar: [Read More...]

Joseph of Arimathea

Neil Godfrey, on his blog Vridar, has engaged some of what I’ve written about Joseph of Arimathea in The Burial of Jesus. I may try to continue the interaction at some point (particularly having just discussed a book that challenges the classic criteria of authenticity), but for the moment, I just wanted to draw attention [Read More...]

Lost Untangled Musical Finale

The long-awaited humorous recap of the season finale of LOST is now available. Enjoy! lost untangled finale season5by lyly_ford [Read more...]

The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus

Dale Allison’s recent book The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus is simply fantastic. It refuses to separate unnecessarily matters of history and faith, yet neither does it run them together in ways that are inappropriate. It refuses to simply take for granted the assumptions of either conservatives or liberals, challenging many of our basic [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Robert Lawrence Kuhn)

“The primary questions people pose—Why the universe? Does God exist?—are important, sure, but they are not bedrock fundamental. “Why anything at all?” is the ultimate question.” – Robert Lawrence Kuhn, “Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?” Religion and Science Today [Read more...]

Evolution and Liberal Christianity

As a Liberal Christian who has been a vocal opponent of young-earth creationists, cdesign proponentsists and other pseudoscientific movements both on my blog and in the classroom, I can only respond to Jason Rosenhouse’s recent post on the incompatibility of science and religion as follows: “Huh?!” The point of emphasizing the compatibility of religious beliefs [Read More...]

Islam, in Sunday School, in the News

Ethics Daily picked up some of my blogging about what we’ve done recently in my Sunday school class, looking into the subject of Islam. Do pay them a visit if you have a few moments! [Read more...]

When Did The Word Become Flesh?

I will be preaching this coming Sunday at my church, and the text I’ve chosen is John 1:1-18. I’ve devoted quite a bit of scholarly attention to that familiar and well-worn passage (two chapters in John’s Apologetic Christology, for instance), but in the past I’ve avoided preaching on it, perhaps out of a concern that [Read More...]

Biblical Studies Carnival 42

Jim Getz has posted Biblical Studies Carnival 42. Don’t panic, it is mostly harmless… [Read more...]