Back to (Sunday) School

This summer, the pastor of my church has been conducting a series on Baptist basics, and so my own Sunday school class has been merged in with that one. Today was the last day, and next week I’ll be back to teaching Sunday school again.

We discussed a few options. One was to return to the series on when Christians disagree (in fact, the pastor’s series could be viewed as fitting under that heading, and perhaps it could have been called “Why Baptists are more likely to disagree than any other Christians”). I toyed with the idea of suggesting that we look next at some of the “end times” types of subjects that Christians disagree about. A second option would be to do something on the historical figure of Jesus – I’m teaching a university class on that topic, and so I could do something on that in Sunday school without that much additional preparation. The third option was to move back to a format we’ve used before and study a “book” from the Bible. In this case, we’d probably do Galatians.

At the moment it looks like we’ll probably go with the second option, the historical figure of Jesus. Of course, once we actually get into that subject, a consensus may arise that most participants would rather be doing something else!

Let me add that my church will be switching its Sunday school and worship times starting next week. Sunday school will be at 9:30 and then at 10:45 we’ll have the worship service. After that, to inaugurate things properly, we’ll have a pot luck lunch.

If you’re reading this and are in the Indianapolis area, I cordially invite you to both the class and the service and the lunch!

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