Bland Green Background

I know that some readers (or would-be readers) have encountered problems on mobile devices and some browsers since the last time I tinkered with the blog’s layout. I think the background graphic was a particular source of slow loading and other problems. If you previously had problems, or had them on some devices, please do let me know if this is better.

  • Thom Stark

    I prefer this, although if it were me I'd go with a darker green that's a bit easier on the eyes. For whatever that's worth. :)

  • Scott Bailey

    Soylent Green is people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thom Stark

    That's true I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I like this.

  • Anonymous

    I like this too!

  • skinman

    The old background gave me a headache. This is a big improvement.