Archaeological Puzzles: Can You Identify These Objects?

A question for anyone interested, but in particular those of you with some archaeological experience: What do you think this might be? It is the same object from three different angles.

What about this one?

Or this one, which I assume are three pieces of one archaeological “puzzle”?

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  • Jim West

    the top round one looks like a tabun, an oven.
    the second one, a small mikveh.  the rest?  dunno, too random.

  • Steven M. Purtell

    It is somewhat difficult to take a guess without something around them for scale or being able to trace them.  The “small mikvah” may be a water/grain trough (AKA manger) for animals.  The other might be  a place to tie up a horse of donkey, the rest are random, but maybe parts of the larger structure for thng used on a farm.  

  • Gary

    Are you kidding? A Roman toilet.

  • TCrow

    …a literary scholar who knows the value of context gives pictures of material objects with no context?  

  • James F. McGrath

    I intended it to be more like a riddle – not least because the whole site has not been excavated or properly documented and because I didn’t think it safe to connect things which might in fact reflect use and reuse of the site at different times. And I also wasn’t confident that my attempt to describe the site would not in fact be misleading rather than helpful. So I was just looking for any abstract impression from people who might have seen something similar before. Or amusing suggestions – those are always good too.

  • Gary

    I am sure I saw the remnants of a lead plate with the inscription “Kohler Maximus” on it.

    • Kerry

      No respectable Roman would want barbarian plumbing. :P

  • Eldad Keynan

    What some identify as Mikweh is a rock cut gravem thus not Jewish. It even has a sort of cution for the deceased’s head. All the rest – the riddle remains.