Literalism and Biblical Authority

David Withun offers an interesting extended quote from James Turner’s book Without God, Without Creed: The Origins of Unbelief in America, addressing how Biblical literalism has served to undermine the authority of the Bible.

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  • Gary

    I probably shouldn’t say this, but reading the Withun post, and knowing how science fiction plays on this blog, I couldn’t help but think about the Planet of the Apes 2, where the mutants worship the missile in the silo. OK, all fundamentalists will think I am sick. But instead of worshipping God, they have started to worship the “literal words” in the bible, just as if the bible was an idol….and tending to ignore the message behind the words. Their religion is the words, not God, since the bible seems to be the most visible thing representing God to them, as oppose to the spirit of God. And just like the mutants with missile worship, there is an end-of-world apocalypse obsession.

  • Jeff Carter

    Fundamentalism as Cargo Cult?

  • JustSayin

    The ironic thing is, that the god Science has provided the means to bring on the End.