Stranded In Chicago? Eat Off The Kids Menu

I have been stuck in Chicago since last night. I missed a flight to London because of a delay from Indianapolis. Indianapolis airport has free wi-fi thanks to Marriott which sponsors it. You watch a short video about them, and then can access the Internet. Chicago O’Hare on the other hand asks you to pay for Internet access, as does the nearby Hilton.

If you are stranded in Chicago airport due to some fault of an airline, and they give you a voucher that won’t allow you to eat at the nearby hotel they put you up at, here’s some advice, assuming you don’t mind being on the receiving end of a waiter’s look of disdain: Go to the Hilton’s restaurant and ask for the kids’ menu. You’ll be able to have a decent bowl of spaghetti and meatball with enough left over on the voucher that you can get some ice cream and not have to pay too much out of your own pocket.

Anyway, I will be at the airport until 3am, assuming I manage to get on my flight and it leaves according to schedule. There is a reasonable chance that I may not manage to blog again until I get to Israel.

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  • John S. Wilkins

    Bon voyage!

  • Tom Verenna

    I’ve been stranded at Chicago before; in April we went on vacation to San Diego and on the way home the tornado came through that wiped out an airport and all flights were canceled because of it.  We were stuck at O’Hare for 12 hours and let me tell you, at 3am there is nothing open and you’re sleeping on the floor and it just sucks.  Let me tell you, once we got on our flight the next day, two hours later I have never been so happy to see Newark…

  • Brian Gronewoller

    Sounds horrible. I hope that you get out of there soon. (smooth move with the kids menu – a great money saver!).

  • Steven M. Purtell

    Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv has free wifi! you can skype loved ones and let them know you have arrived!

  • Gary

    I’ve been stranded overnight at the Tel Aviv, Keflevik, Chicago, and New York airports overnight, sleeping on benches, over the years. Reason I didn’t take the vouchers…I HAD to be in line as early as possible the next morning for standbys to get the heck out of the place. Ben Gurion was the worst, since the benches were metal, hard, and soldiers with Uzi’s walked by about every 15 minutes. This was before wifi. Only lesson to learn, chill out when you get to where you are going, and enjoy it while you can. Don’t work too hard, and enjoy the sights…..lessons I didn’t follow when I was young, naive, and worked much too hard.

  • Gary

    BTW….The next morning at Tel Aviv, I was one of only two that got on the next flight out. But since I was on per-diem (working)…I should have taken the voucher, got a free night at a hotel on the Tel Aviv beach strip, then leasurely got to the airport the next morning….and missed another flight, and enjoyed the beach for a few more days, since everyone was standby only at the time – Pre Rosh Hashanah holiday rush, plus a hurricane just hit the US east coast, so there where limited planes for the return trip to the US. Enjoy, instead of working till you drop, makes for a longer life.