All Major Systems of Thought Assessed in One Cartoon

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (via)

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  • Christopher W. Skinner

    This is awesome, James. Thanks for sharing!

    • Guest

      Glad you think so.  I think it’s rather silly.

  • Anonymous

    This is true about the natural sciences, but wouldn’t we be lost without what we’ve learned in the medical, and psychological sciences? Isn’t neuroscience an exact science in that it can show brain response. I think the problem is interpreting it…Just because the brain shows stimulation doesn’t mean that that brain reaction brings a particular understanding, reaction or action in the individual, does it? Those that believe in the supernatural will interpret their brain stimulations as “God’s intevening” work or the Holy Spirit….

    So images via literature are usual tools to get the brain stimulated in the “rigtht direction”, but even then, the brain’s connections, memory bank will depend on indiviudal particulars. Therefore, again, the interpretation will differ.

  • Brian

    You guys ruin all the fun. I think James is trying to make us laugh and if this is the case he suceeded. Though I remember seeing this a few months back. But yes, I like Quantum Mechanics note. He’s a bit crazy and God was a pretty cool dude as well.

  • James F. McGrath

    I did indeed share it mainly because I found it amusing. But I expected that if there were to be serious discussion of the cartoon, it might be about what the meaning of the ending is. Is it suggesting that religion is simply a worldview that allows people to create their own reality rather than accept the harshness that some evidence leads some to believe characterizes the world? Or is it saying that the view of God as creator in fact provides an attractive alternative amidst the conflicting messages of other world views, and that our desire to see the world or make the world a certain way is itself a pointer towards God? There seems to me to be a fair amount of ambiguity about the conclusion of the cartoon, and I am rather surprised that that hasn’t been what people have focused on thus far when talking about it! :-)

  • terri

    I took the ending as an indication that “God” is just another person living out a created, simulated, alternate reality…in which the human is part of the alternate reality created by another….and who also has the possibility of creating his own simulated reality within the larger simulated reality.


  • GumbyTheCat

    Thought-provoking and funny! Good combination.