Conservative Christians Promote Sex Change

It suddenly struck me today that, contrary to my assumptions, today’s conservative Christians apparently embrace the notion that one can be transgender, and actively support the idea of sex change operations.

How else can one account for their determination to turn Junia into a man?


[Inspired by recent posts by J. K. Gayle and Suzanne McCarthy]

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  • notpmoc84

    This was the best and most unexpected punchline I have seen all day.  Thank you for this.

  • Gary

    Not exactly on subject, but I wonder how conservative Christians handle (maybe not the correct verb) hermaphrodites? If you were born that way physically, which obviously happens in nature…what’s up with that? You are then a switch-hitter? Or must you decide if you are right or left handed? And which is moral per the bible? Matt 19:12 seems to hint that Jesus says live with it. Although being born eunuch may have another connotation, I do not know.

  • Matt Dowling

    LOL! I almost just lost some of the coffee I had just sipped. Fortunately for my computer, all is well. 

  • Thom Stark

    hahaha. brill.

  • Alex Altorfer