How to Determine the Queen and King of the Biblioblogosphere

There have been major struggles for dominance in the biblioblogosphere, as bloggers have sought to attain the coveted #1 rank, and debated and introduced new methods of evaluation – from Alexa rankings to voting.

I would like to propose a different method.

The queen and king of the biblioblogosphere should not be based on something as ephemeral or untrustworthy as statistics or popular opinion, whether during a particular month or over a longer period.

Would Joel be king this way?

I propose instead that the rank of queen and king of the biblioblogosphere be bestowed upon those male and female bloggers whose photos appear closest to the top in an image search for the term “biblioblog.”

Depending on which search engine you use, you may get different results. But if my criterion were to be adopted, and you search for images using Google, then at the moment the king of the blogosphere would presumably be pseudo-Esteban, whose stunning physique is perhaps responsible for his edging out Jim West by a slim margin…

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  • robert r. cargill

    Wouldn’t work, as Google returns tailored search results based upon who is logged in and doing the search. This would mean bloggers would view results that falsely elevate and inflate their own standing in their own minds.

    Then again, this already happens, so it light not be a bad idea after all. 😉

    (I’m waiting for someone to purchase elevated search result ads…)

  • Joel

    So, am I king or queen?

    • Just Sayin’

      You are Duke of Earl.

  • James F. McGrath

    @Joel, you can decide, or each person can decide based on how masculine or feminine they think you look in the photo in question.

    Bob, thanks for finding a flaw in my system. But perhaps we could still tweak it. What if we get people to submit evidence for the photos they found to be highest in the ranking of a particular search engine, then put those to a vote, multiply the square root of the number of each person’s votes by the circumference if Jim West’s ego, and calculate a winner that way? :-)

    • Thom Stark