In-Flight Viewing

I got to see several movies I had been wanting to during my recent flights: The Adjustment Bureau, The Green Hornet, Limitless, I Am Number Four, and The Eagle.

There are plenty of things that could be said about most of these films in relation to religion. But I’ll leave it to readers to start discussion about them, if you are so inclined. I’ve included a few links to recent posts about them on other blogs. See too Rod’s recent post on Science Fiction and Black Religion.

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  • Rodney Thomas

    I reviewed both the Green Hornet & I Am Number Four:


    Thanks for the link to my post, btw!

  • James F. McGrath

    I agree with your assessment of both movies!  :-)

  • Isaiah Burton

    Possibly minor spoilers for the Adjustment Bureau, so avoid this if you haven’t seen it, but go watch it, it is a terrific movie!

    I loved the Adjustment Bureau! The setup of how the angels controlled things reminded me a lot of Monlinism (the Chairman does demonstrate Middle Knowledge in the film), which seems to be becoming more and more popular with the likes of William Lane Craig advocating it and Alvin Plantinga, while not explicitly advocating Molinism, seems to in some of his work, most notably, “God, Freedom, and Evil”. Also, if anyone could give me a reference where Plantinga discusses Molinism specifically I would greatly appreciate it.
    It does seem that the Chairman opts for Open Theism (which is also getting some attention lately) in the end, or at least is up for trying it in this particular situation. One of the Bureau members mentions that the Chairman had tried Open Theism (while not using the term) in the past with disastrous results. 
    Phillip K. Dick was a science fiction writer, he wrote “Adjustment Team” which the film is based on. He also wrote stories that were the basis of other films such as “Blade Runner”, “Minority Report”, and “Total Recall” which all have themes dealing with freewill in some way or another.  
    The movie plus Dick’s other works make me wonder if he understood these concepts in the way that theologians do or if he came up with them independently which would be pretty impressive.
    Also, in the credits at the end it says “Special Thanks: The Chairman” which I thought was cool.