Ken Brown on the SBL International Monotheism Sessions

Ken Brown has posted a summary of the three sessions on the term monotheism and whether it should continue to be used in Biblical studies.

The Bibliobloggers’ dinner went ahead just down the street from the originally-planned venue, at a place called’s. It was well attended, including by a large number of non-bloggers, who presumably came along because they had heard how cool Bibliobloggers are.

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  • Nathan Smith

    Clearly the non-bloggers were misinformed . . . :-)

  • Ken Schenck

    Wish I were there… sounds like you’re having a great summer!

  • Jbcatty

    I have always been impressed by the extemely high qualifications that a member of the SBL must have, and how difficult it is to become a member.  (chuckle0

  • James F. McGrath

    JBCatty, it might indeed make sense for the SBL to have standards or qualifications for membership. But since even the most rigorous of academic standards would not have excluded those who presented at the sessions this post was about, I am curious why you thought such a comment was relevant here.