Scot McKnight on the Problem with Biblicism

Scot McKnight shares his thoughts on what is wrong with Biblicism. In essence, his main point is that the plurality of interpretations among Biblicists disproves the Biblicists’ own claims that the Bible is clear, sufficient, and guards those who follow it from error.

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  • Gary

    He should add
    11. The bible is an accurate book of science, biology, physics, chemistry, and geology. Please ignore the scientist behind the curtain.

  • Howard Mazzaferro

    That assumption is wrong, the Bible is not clear to everyone, it is only clear to Christ’s brothers.

  • Gary

    Just noticed, Scot McNight’s blog article has 101 comments all in one day (today)!

  • Anonymous

    If anyone had heard some of the heartache in families brought about by “loving God above all else” and some of the things justified by “obeying scripture” or “obeying the Holy Spirit”; if anyone had experienced or known of the hurt of shunning and shaming done in the name of “the right”, then one would hate everything that was tainted with such nonsense!!