Thom Stark on Biblical Polytheism

Thom Stark has posted a piece, responding to Michael Heiser, discussing a couple of key texts in the Bible that seem to reflect earlier pre-monotheistic beliefs of the Israelites.

I was hunting around over the past few days for exactly the same sorts of texts he cites and refers to as background and comparative materials, as I am working on finishing an article on monotheism. It’s a pity we couldn’t have shared the labors!

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  • Gary

    I use to read Michael Heiser’s Naked Bible. Some interesting stuff, but I found his comments rather rigid, with a good dose of ego, as if his interpretations are the only ones that make sense. Add comments about some ID “scientists” that make some good points, I migrated away from insanity.

  • EdwardTBabinski

    For further parallels between OT representations of “God” and those of high moral henotheistic gods of the ANE see my chapter, “The Cosmology of the Bible,” in this book:  Use Amazon’s “LOOK INSIDE” feature to read pages 116-118 where a lot of the parallels are concentrated. But there’s other parallels pointed out throughout the rest of the chapter whose pages might unfortunately be restricted viewing. Still, anyone with a free account should be able to view those pages.

  • bill long

    What particular points of what ID “scientists”?