God and the Evolution Song vs. Rick Perry

Rick Perry offers unimpressive “answers” to a child’s questions to him about the age of the earth and evolution. I bet that the child could answer them! (HT Jim West)

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Larry Moran shared his explanation of why evolution is a fact and a theory. Irenicum shared the evolution vs. creationism song:

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See too Tom Verenna’s post on creationism and climate change denial. And finally, Jesus Needs New PR shared this church sign – can anyone find out if it is real?

Elsewhere in the blogosphere on related subjects, Rachel Held Evans has Dennis Vennema answering questions on her blog, while Vennema has been telling his own story on BioLogos.

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  • Gary

    Most disturbing, the mother keeps saying, “ask him why he doesn’t believe in science?” Only real question, was the mother asking Perry to ask her son, or was she asking her son to ask Perry? I think I feel sick.

  • http://www.patheos.com/community/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath
  • Gary

    I think you are right, the mother was asking her son to ask Perry. I wish she would just ask herself, and not suck her son into the middle. I don’t like Perry’s views on science, evolution, and earth age, but I run into people like that every Sunday. What I dislike more, is his hypocracy regarding his religous dogma. According to his tax records, even though he made millions in income, he payed less in tithing than I did. And I’m retired. If he wants to replace big government with private donations to help the poor, he should also say, “aren’t there still prisons, workhouses?”