Jerusalem and the Holy Land: A Spectacular Aerial Journey

Thanks to Stephen Cook for pointing out this video, which is just a sample of a 3D IMAX movie that is scheduled for release in 2013. Even, or perhaps especially, having just been to many of these places very recently, I can say that this video provides a unique perspective from above. The view is spectacular. If you have any interest in the Holy Land for whatever reason, or just an appreciation for geography and architecture, you will surely enjoy it.

Be sure to watch it in full screen move to get the full effect!

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  • Anonymous

    The photograph of Masada is interesting.  It shows a second cliff face south of the fortress.  A large section of the ‘circumvallation’ wall was built near the edge this second cliff face.  Why build a wall near the edge of what is a very difficult face for the Masada defenders to climb? I wrote to Nachman Ben Yehuda author of several books on Masada.  My points are in in upper and lower case, and his replies are in capitals as he typed them.

    South of the fortress, the path
    of this outer wall appears to be over a second cliff face.  There is a
    gorge between the fortress and this second cliff.  


    Fleeing defenders would have
    great difficulty climbing up the face of the second cliff. 


    That is my reason for saying
    that the Romans had no need to build the wall there to keep defenders in,


    This is a part of my argument for saying that the Romans did not build this wall.  It was built by Herod to keep out possible attacks from Cleopatra’s armies. The whole account of the Masada defence by Jews and attack by the Romans is fabricated.  This is why it is not much good asking a Jewish archaeologist to confirm anything other than the extant story.  It is just too sensitive.      

  • Gary

    I’d actually pay money to see this. I hope the movie, when released, is widely distributed. Sometimes they only get shown in a limited number of cities.