Mystical Pregnancies and Other Sci-Fi Tropes Around the Blogosphere

TheoFantastique and Political Jesus shared a video as well as some links related to a classic trope in both religion and sci-fi: the impregnation of a woman with a child from another world:

YouTube Preview Image

Elsewhere in the realm of sci-fi, Rod of Alexandria also posted a farcical account of the most famous time lord bringing the fourth quest for the historical Jesus to an end.

A post by David Bailey also fits under this heading, since it addresses the way young-earth creationism depicts God as not merely an author of fiction but as a deceiver.

On a related note, the book I edited, Religion and Science Fiction, will be available soon! More news will follow in the next couple of days.

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  • Rodney Thomas

    How may I get a review copy of Religion and Science Fiction?

    • James F. McGrath

      I’ll let you know in a private message…